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A Bluesign certified product guarantees that the product is produced by focusing on a more sustainable process applicable environmental, health and safety within the production chain.


The official EU label for greener products.
The aim is to promote products which have a comparatively modest impacts on air, water, soil quality, natural resources, global warming and biodiversity.
The products are examined from a life cycle perspective, from raw material to waste


Transparency throughout the supply chain.

OCS means that you can track every single step in the production of organic material, such as the origin of raw material and what organic guidelines that is followed.


OekoTex Standard 100 is an international measurement of safety standards throughout the entire textile chain. The OekoTex system guarantees that textiles have been tested and certified and that they contain no harmful substances. The list of demands contains more than 100 test parameters in order to guarantee that the textiles are harmless.


Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is intended for companies which produce or sell products made of recycled material. The standard applies to the whole supply chain and focuses on traceability, environment principles, social requirements and marking.


A Fairtrade certification guarantees that the cotton has been cultivated with fair working conditions and that the cotton grower has received fair compensation.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international certification for the marking of ecologically produced textiles. GOTS focuses on both social and environmental demands and covers the entire production chain from cultivation, picking and preparation through to the manufacturing of the actual garment.

The Swan

The Swan” – the official Nordic Ecolabel

Swan Ecolabel was introduced in 1989. The purpose was to give Consumers guidance and to help them choose products which had fulfilled strict environmental requirements from a life-cycle perspective, from when it’s produced until it’s recycled

Cottover, D.A.D, grafix, Derby Sweden

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